AVCA Volleyball Fundraiser

 AVCA volleyball fundraiser

Volleyball Fundraiser


Advantage Fundraising Online is proud to be the Preferred Service Provider for the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Sign up now with your AVCA volleyball fundraiser code and your team will receive a $100 bonus when they raise just $500 with AFO!





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What am I signing up for?

You are signing up to create an AVCA volleyball fundraiser page for your team or organization. This is absolutely free. It allows you to start raising money right away.


What are the requirements?

You promote this fundraiser with your organization. Your members sign up under your team page and everything is tracked for you. This is completely free for all members of your organization.


When does my organization receive profit checks?

We send your profit checks directly to your organization along with detailed reporting down to each member so you know exactly how much was raised and by whom.


Why choose Advantage Fundraising Online?

  • This is 100% FREE service. We never charge you a dime.
  • You never touch a product! We send out prizes.
  • You never have a delivery!
  • You never collect money from people.
  • You never have to worry about theft or stolen money.
  • We send you a check monthly on your profits with details down to each athlete.
  • People donate more because they have great chances to win prizes!





Since 2010

AFO has been helping volleyball clubs & teams raise money for uniformsshoesshorts, socks, warm up clothing, knee padsankle bracesvolleyballs, poles & nets, gym feestournament feescampstravel expensesand club fees.  AVCA members can use their exclusive extra profit code and join free here.


AVCA Member Volleyball Fundraising Tips

The best way to run a AVCA volleyball fundraiser is to motivate every participant to utilize all types of media to promote your online fundraiser. The most successful fundraiser incorporates online and offline fundraising. For example, we highly encourage our volleyball teams to use every resource possible.


This means extensive use of email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, letter writing, and picking up the phone to call donors!   Believe it or not, the ideal mix is sending an email to a friend and then immediately calling that person asking them for a donation. Here are some other tips on how you can keep your volleyball team highly engaged.


Join Advantage Fundraising Online now for free and see how quickly your AVCA volleyball fundraiser can raise thousands of dollars!